Executive Search

  • Active search for suitable candidates based on our up-to-date database and worldwide networks
  • Broad network, also in related markets and market segments
  • Quickly an overview of available candidates
  • More than 20 years of experience.

Rapid  success by a  unique selection method

The Cuperus Connect selection method has been well tested. We include job requirements, competencies and wishes of both parties in order to guarantee a perfect match.

Apart from finding the right candidate, timing is so often important. Cuperus Connect is swift and efficient in finding candidates and is willing to commit themselves to an agreed term (depending on job requirements and market conditions at that particular time).

Obviously Cuperus Connect maintains long-lasting relationships with many principals.

On-site coaching (new) employees

If required, external on-site coaching may be offered. Thus the adjustment period for candidates will be reduced. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information!

Interim Management

By creating a flexible shell in your organization, or because of an upcoming short-term project, you may feel the need to hire temporary personnel. You might need an interim manager or a professional who has a proven track record and can start instantly.

Extensive network

Cuperus Connect has an extensive network of people who, for a number of reasons, do not want to work in a fixed tenure, but are happy to offer their services to you on a temporary basis. Cuperus Connect is acquainted with many such candidates and for many years has followed their careers. Therefore there is a comprehensive background knowledge of the individuals who will be presented to you to solve your problems fast. This same extensive network almost guarantees a suitable candidate will be made available at short notice when required.

Our focus

Individual and personal

The best advice for both candidate and client!

On an exclusive base

Clients quickly get an overview of available candidates.

In order to enable our candidates to optimise their career decisions we will supply them with the best data possible!